Together, we have devoted years towards helping couples globally share their love stories through our founding company WEDDING VAULT. Today, we bring that same essence to RING TAILOR as we purposefully help men towards the ultimate expression of their love – proposing.

RING TAILOR is the essential engagement ring seeking tool for men to get her the right engagement ring. We know first hand that success starts with choosing the right jeweller.

With an overwhelming amount of online engagement ring options available, new manufacturing methods and trending diamond alternatives, we knew guys needed a tailored mechanism to cut out the crap and get them started in the right direction.

RING TAILOR’S digital service helps men by understanding their needs first before connecting them to independent manufacturing jewellers specific to their needs. This is the fundamental difference to any other engagement ring website out there.

So why did we build it? Because buying an engagement ring without guidance of a trusted friend or jeweller is tough. We want men to have more control, make better decisions and propose with a ring that absolutely rocks her world !

RING TAILOR's Mission is to help you get the right engagement ring with our free secret service. We’re fostering a new methodology to the engagement ring experience and hope you’ll help us share this resourceful tool so we can continue to help guide other men on their engagement journey.

Thanks for visiting,
Warwick and Carla, Co-founders